The Conclave

eboracum catania

Seal of the Eboracum Conclave

Officers elected and appointed 2014

Sovereign:   Vincenzo Pulvirenti
Viceroy:   Francesco Ferrara
Senior General:   Vittorio Alesci
Junior General:    Marcello Mamo
Treasurer:    Sebastiano Basile
Recorder:   Salvatore Cappello
Prelate:    Salvatore Gueli
Prefect:    Ercole Tringale
Standard Bearer:    Marcello Gennuso
Herald:    Filippo Rosso
Sentinel:    Scalia Antonino
Orator:    Vincenzo Di Dio

Intendant General:    Giorgio Rossi

History of *Eboracum Conclave

0n February 22, 2002 in Pittsburgh, the K C Vincenzo Pulvirenti was coronated a Member of the Imperial Senate of Sovereigns by M. I. Grand Sovereign Warren Lichty, in order to realize in Sicily the Eboracum Conclave U. D. On June 3, 2005, in Salt Lake City, during the thirty-third Annual Assembly of the United Grand Imperial Council, the M. I. Grand Sovereign Curtis N. Lancaster issued the Charter.

The Eboracum Conclave have exclusive jurisdiction in Southern Italy.

Warren Lichty - Vincenzo Pulvirenti

Gran Sovereign Warren Lichty presenting to K C Vincenzo Pulvirenti the attested copy

chapter eboracum catania

Charter Eboracum – Catania

Download Amendment to the By-Laws

eboracum conclave

Knights Companions of Eboracum Conclave in an informal meeting celebrate the grant a Charter by the Grand Imperial Council.

(*)The Romans called Eboracum their major military base in the north of Britain. By 237 AD this base had been made a colonia, the highest legal status a Roman city could attain. In Eboracum, on 25 July, 306, Constantine, who commanded the army in Britain, was proclaimed emperor by his troops. In later centuries the name Eboracum evolved into York.


North Yorkshire – England: keep of legionnaire Roman fortification in Eboracum (107 AD).